The ultimate guide to OroCommerce

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Ecommerce has grown considerably over the years, initially aimed at the B2C businesses, but B2B business are now starting to realise the potential in growth that allowing Ecommerce on their website. OroCommerce are a leading B2B eCommerce solution for distributors, the platform supports both on-premise and SaaS deployments and the also enables strong, personalised online experiences for B2B buyers.

There are many benefits as to why organisations would allow their business partners to purchase directly from there website such as:

Increased Sales

As business clients can purchase direct from the website this creates more sales as the ‘middleman’ is removed from the sales route. This can be a good thing if the customer is wanting to make a big purchase and want to do it in their own time, they can scroll through your website and browse your products and make a purchase when they are ready to do so. Also, allowing your clients to purchase through your website allows them to view your whole product range, which might mean they start purchasing more items then they normally would.

Improved Customer Experience

As mentioned above, having an ecommerce system on your website allows your customers to browse your site in their own time with no rush from their account manager. Allowing your customers as well as potential customers to browse your sites can help deliver a more personalised experience to the customers. The OroCommerce platform allows you to build relevant online product catalogues, set up customer-specific pricing, and develop unique customer workflows to ensure your buyers get the best customer experience possible.

Multiple Shopping Lists

A feature of using OroCommerce is the fact it allows your customers to have multiple lists open at once. This will allow your customers to work on different orders especially if they have multiple projects internally. As well as this, the platform also allows them to save their shopping lists to purchase at a future date, this can help improve the customer relationship with your brand as they will be able to put together their order over the course of a few days, ensuring they have all of the correct items for their projects.

Inventory Management

A big feature that comes with the Orocommerce platform is the fact it allows for inventory management of one or even several warehouses, this can help you as a business ensure that you have the products available for your customers, and also helps your customers know what stock is available

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