Meet The Team: Lindsay Dier

Read on to find out more about our Head of Client Services, her passion for her work and how she has serious FOMO in life.


Here at Generate UK, we are a family. So, we wanted to introduce our family members to you.

This is a series where you will get to find out more about who we are as well as a few fun facts.

We have already introduced you to a whole variety of our team from our Head of Support and Maintenance, Melissa Dyson to our Lead Developer, Patrick Hathway. Next up we want to introduce you to our Head of Client Services, Lindsay Dier.

Tell us a bit about what you do here at Generate UK

As the Head of Client Services, my role is very varied. I manage a growing team in the Client Services department, where we handle all the marketing for our clients. I also work with the management team on forecasting figures and developing the department itself. Within the team, we are constantly reviewing tools and our techniques on how we approach marketing to make sure we’re delivering the best we can for our clients.

In addition, I help bring on new clients, account manage some of our clients myself, alongside supporting the team with theirs.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

It’s the people I get to work with. As my role is very mixed, I find it extremely rewarding to see my team being empowered and watching their development, growing and harnessing their own strengths and where they can best use their skills. I also love seeing them deliver really great results for our clients.

The other part of it is working with our clients directly and the amazing people I get to meet all the time across multiple businesses and industry sectors. It’s interesting seeing how particular techniques can work for multiple industries and where there are differences. It’s a fast paced and exciting working environment, and I love being able to see the outcome of changes we make for our clients and deliver a great return on investment. Seeing the benefit to our customers is really rewarding.


If there was any one industry that you could work with, any type of client that you’d like to work alongside, what would that be?

Well agency life is clearly my preference! Although I have B2C and B2B experience, most of my experience is B2B, so I feel very comfortable working with IT and professional services largely. That said, I’m very interested in theatre and arts, so this would appeal as an area to have more exposure to.

What’s the best thing about working for Generate UK?

It is the people and working with other individuals that you like and get on with. It always find it a conducive and productive work environment as well because you want them to succeed, and you really feel like you’re part of the team. Whenever we go through a hiring process at Generate, we look at culture as a fundamental part of that. So, seeing where someone new can fit and fits in personality wise is part of that onboarding and so it’s a really very powerful factor for us.

I also think the variety of work and the type of clients we work with is exciting. Our ability to produce great quality work and win awards for it is very fulfilling.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Literally everything I can fit in! I have massive FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), so I’m always booking things. I’m quite sociable, so I see my friends regularly, but I would say most of all, the things I like to do are experiences. I might try glass blowing one morning, go to an immersive theatre experience in the evening and then the next day I’m doing a treasure hunt around a new city.

I’m very keen on travelling and exploring new places and countries – for instance, this summer I was fortunate enough to hike in the Lake District. I grew up around music, singing and playing the piano myself, which has given me a strong love of music and theatre.

During the lockdowns, did you discover a new hobby or was there a particular hobby or activity that you did more of?

In lockdown I started a few creative things because I couldn’t go out and enjoy the entertainment industry as I would normally try to. So, I became a cross stitch queen and got a little bit back into painting, which I used to do more of.

I also took up more exercise than I normally would, so that that was good while it lasted. I baked a cake pretty much every single weekend for a good stint of time, and I ate the cake, which is probably why I did more exercise (laughs).

Favourite food?

Chocolate cake no hesitation. I could eat it for breakfast then snacks. I could have it for lunch. Pretty much throughout the entire day.


Favourite drink?

Apple juice. I love apple juice, but I don’t have it very often. I have water all the time, as I also really like water.

If you’re talking about alcoholic drinks, rum based cocktails are my preference, such as a passion fruit mojito or a strawberry daiquiri.

Favourite author?

I’m going to say Brandon Sanderson, I’ve read so many of his books and they are all excellent and if anyone likes fantasy, I would highly recommend him. Another fun author is Will Wright, particularly his Cradle series. For something more contemporary, Dolly Alderton would be my choice.

Favourite film?

I love action thrillers and comedy. So, something like Inception is really good or The Dark Knight.

One last question, if you had a superhero power, what would it be and why?

Teleportation, 100%. Firstly, you don’t have to commute anywhere, which is a massive win, and it means I can go and see the world, particular people or be where I need to be instantly. It’s the best superpower.


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