This Month in Marketing: October 2020

Each month we dive into the internet for the latest marketing news and insight to keep you on top of what you need to know in the industry.


Welcome to the second in our series of This Month in Marketing.

Each month, we will be collating the top news from around the marketing world. Our aim is to give you some insight into the current situation of the sector as well as provide you with some important developments and updates, to help your marketing strategy.

So, without further ado, here are our top news stories from October.

Is YouTube becoming the next big ecommerce platform?


According to a report from Bloomberg, Google is currently working on implementing an ecommerce system into YouTube.

The platform will enable users to buy products directly after watching promotional videos and demoes without having to be directed to an external link. This is exciting news after we have seen Instagram recently implement an ecommerce system into their channel.

Coca Cola to cut “zombie brands” to increase innovation


Although “zombie” may not be the ideal term to use when we are in a middle of an epidemic, Coca Cola’s goals are clear.

By cutting out their smaller, less successful brands they can focus on being more innovative with their mainstream brands. As of 3 months ago, the soft drinks giant had 400 brands under their name and over half of these were accounting for a meagre 2% of their total revenue.

By removing these from the picture, they can now focus more on their bigger, more profitable names.

Guide to calculating ROI from SEO


SEO can often be a hassle for many companies. Everyone knows they need to use it to improve rankings and drive traffic, but it can often be time consuming and sometimes costly. 

However, it can often be profitable for you in the long run. Search Engine Journal have created a handy guide on how you can calculate your return of interest from SEO to see just how much of a return you are getting from using this.

Second wave spells bad news for marketing budgets


With the recent announcement that we are now facing a second wave of COVID-19, marketing budgets are seeing another slump.

This is according to a recent IPA Bellweather report and stats say this is the 2nd largest slump we have seen since the survey began in 2000.

If you need help or advice on how to manage your marketing budget during this time, we have created a series of webinars to help businesses do more with their budget.

WATCH: Content is key; creating a content strategy that converts                 

WATCH: How to create compelling email campaigns

WATCH: Understanding data to improve lead generation

Google facing biggest anti-trust case raised in decades


In a recent turn of events, search engine giant, Google have been accused of harming competition in search engine and search advertising through distribution agreements.

This is one of the most significant and largest monopoly-related cases the US have seen in decades and could cause serious implications for Google. Even if we see a change of presidency this year, the Justice Department seem set on continuing the case and not backing down as they were the first to raise the charges followed by multiple other sources.

Whatever the outcome, this could have some serious impacts for digital marketers.

Facebook battening down the hatches ahead of US election


With the upcoming US election on November 3rd, social media platform, Facebook are concerned about the potential unrest this news will cause worldwide.

To help battle this they have stated they will be implementing certain algorithms such as restricting news flow to certain areas and controlling feeds. This is an interesting article for those in the marketing industry as it reconfirms what we already know, that Facebook controls what people see and controls how consumers behave.

So, the question is, just how much control do marketers really have over their advertising on social media?

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